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Barnyard Birthday

Cows are social animals that can form bonds between each other and end up having some sort of group amongst them. Today, I’m going to talk about how cows became our inspiration for beautiful invites and other amazing details at a child’s 2nd birthday party. It all started when one of Pink Arrow Studio clients had the incredible idea of celebrating her child’s party with a Barnyard thematic. The big question here for her was, “where do I begin?”

Well, first off you need to set the date and guest list of attendees. Once you have that covered, the next step is the venue location. The reason why you need to choose the place is to determine its availability for the date that interests you. For Nicholas’ party, that place was White Post Animal Farm. Please keep in mind that YOU can also do this at home.

At this point I’m pretty sure you’re wondering about the invitations. Let me just point out that barnyard invitations are the window to your chosen theme. You will feel like a winner when you hear about your guests reactions once they receive these amazing invites. This was exactly what happened to Nicho’s Mom when she approached Ariela with the idea. Don’t stop reading just yet, because I will give you some ideas on what games or activities you can include for the party!

Carefully handmade
Barnyard Invitation

Barnyard invitations matching these amazing cow goodie bags
Goodie bags with the same theme

Activities are the highlight of any event, especially when talking about kid’s birthday party. It is all about fun, laughter and making good memories. Here are some suggestions:

Start by having someone dress up as a farmer to help you entertain your guest regardless the age. They can actually be the ones that introduce the different games you’ll be including. A few of these could be: Feeding animals (if the venue of your choosing is a farm or barnyard and has animals). Ridding ponies could be an option as well. There is an alternative for this, you can have some DIY swim noodle or stick ponies instead.

You can also do your traditional Bean Bag Toss. But if you want to try something different, use hula-hoops instead. Theres also games like Balancing an egg, musical chairs, scavenger hunts, sack races, the pin the tail on the cow or the pig pen game. One of my favorites would be setting a table with animal coloring pages. I would include cotton balls and have the kids recreate a puffy herd of sheep.

Kids Activities

I cannot forget to mention the cake. Because who doesn’t love some cake? In today’s post, this beautiful cake was made by Littlesugarshopny. They have breath taking master pieces but most importantly delicious cake.

barnyard invitations Cake

Finally, like most parents, you want to remember every different detail of an amazing birthday party but you will also want to show your child all the fun and good memories that were made that special day. A great idea is hiring a photographer to make this happen. I want to thank @cindylaophotography, today’s featured photographer for some out of this world shots.

Barnyard invitation Birthday
Birthday boy Nico

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